Education Leaders
At BE Consulting, we help students and teachers thrive
with evidence-based approaches to educational leadership.
In the Classroom

Creating a safe and positive learning environment is the priority for our educational leaders. Challenging classroom behaviors can interrupt this environment and cause stress for teachers and students alike. Through implementing trauma informed practices, schools have seen a decrease in negative behaviors and discipline referrals as well as improvement in school climate and teacher satisfaction and retention.


We love helping schools understand childhood trauma and its effects on the developing brain. Our training will help teachers, staff, and administration realize the impact of trauma and recognize the signs and symptoms in students and staff alike. We provide tools that allow schools to respond with evidence-based interventions and actively prevent retraumatization.


Schools and school systems may utilize our full-service consulting services, as well as individual professional development trainings and seminars. Our most popular training topics include defiance vs. dysregulation, staff self care, creating trauma-informed schools and integrating social-emotional learning into an existing curriculum. 

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