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Faith Leaders

Trauma informed leadership is essential to the mission of every faith-based organization.

Industry Leaders

We've all heard the saying 'people over profit,' but do you know what that looks like for your business?

Education Leaders

Looking for ways to improve school climate? Increase teacher satisfaction and retention? Reduce discipline referrals?

What is a Trauma-Informed Leader?

Trauma is any experience that overwhelms our ability to cope.


Trauma-informed leaders create psychological safety for their congregations, employees, students, and colleagues.

BE Consulting Group provides the training and tools needed to become a trauma-informed leader in your field.

About BE

Brittany and Emily (BE) are passionate about reducing the stigmas of trauma and mental illness, and spreading awareness to the public.

Speaking Engagements

BE Consultants are not only trauma-informed therapists, but also nationally sought after public speakers. Topics for speaking engagements are tailored to your particular audience, and we are happy to work with you to provide a trauma-informed approach on a wide variety of topics.

Our most requested topics include, but are not limited to:




Grief & Loss





As a pastor who has been leading for over 25 years, I strongly recommend the Be Consulting Group. Their trauma-
informed leaders are not only equipped to provide guidance within the faith community, but given their level of
expertise, they are capable of consulting in healthcare, education, and corporate business arenas as well. Their capacity to make complex mental health constructs understandable and applicable to everyone is unsurpassed.

Dr. Craig L. Oliver, Sr

Senior Pastor, Elizabeth Baptist Church


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